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Blatant sexism

Oh Jezzies, my jezzies. I have been in my new home country for almost two years and sometimes it feels like I just can't.get.a.break. I wrote about the bullshit that happened with the first job that actually brought me here. Long story short, my first boss was an asshole that I had to go totally American on and sue for unpaid wages.


And then I found another job, thankfully, that provided another visa and much needed cash. But the job was true exploitation that I agreed to because I was desperate and it was a lifeline. But this year, as the new season kicks in, I told my managers and the owner that I was not going to work for them again in my original capacity because (A) I want more money and (B) I have qualifications deserving of a promotion. Without doxxing myself (though anyone who knows me will surely recognize my uniquely shitty employment situation) I have more than a decade's worth of international experience in the new position that I requested. I have several degrees and a killer resume. I actually have more experience than ANYONE in the company. The original position was one where I was expected to only be pretty window dressing. The new position would give me actual responsibilities and higher pay.

And today I was told that I would not be offered the new position because, "We don't think women can handle the job."

The manager then went on to say that my difficult attitude was a factor. I failed to point out that my "difficult" attitude was directly related to the blatantly sexist work environment where the women in the company were all placed in administrative roles, made less than the men, and were forced to listen to daily conversations concerning the hotness of our customers. Oh, and the attractiveness of female employees were also discussed and one guy would attempt to guess my bra size.

They offered me my original position, with higher pay. But, and this is a big but, it would still be less than the legally mandated minimum wage.


Rage doesn't even begin to describe the emotions that bubbled to the surface and almost spewed forth from my mouth.

But I didn't scream. I did however tell them that I was not coming back. My exact words were,


"This is bullshit. I have more than ten year's of experience in several international markets and two degrees. I have more qualifications than anyone in this company and the fact that I even have to plead my case for a position that I am over qualified for is bullshit. If I cannot receive the respect that I deserve in this company, then I will not work for this company."

Motherfuckers better lawyer up because I already took one asshole employer to court, so they better believe I will do my best to bring them to court as well.


And this my lady friends, is why women make $0.70 for every $1.00 men make.

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