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Bleached/dyed hair care?

I've had to have my hair colored twice in the past 5-ish months - and I believe I'll keep it up because color! But I'm really worried about the damage I'm incurring with the bleach/lighteners. At this point, I think most of my hair has had some kind of color treatment...

I have (I think) Type 2C hair. It's thick and kind of coarse and definitely tends to frizz. I don't use straighteners or curlers much at all (too lazy), but I do use a blow dryer - with a diffuser - set to "warm." And I wash my hair every 2-3 days (I could probably go longer in between now, if I style it up into a pompadour or something).


<<(If I brush my hair a certain way, this is exactly how it tends to fall, and I kind of love it. My hair is also purple...but it's a lot more subtle about it haha)

I've read that leave-in conditioners are nice for bleached/dyed hair - but I'm at a loss as to which to use? Do you all have any recs? I'd be willing to splurge a bit, but would prefer something not terribly expensive. Or any recommendations for hair care in general? (My stylist gave me some tips, but I'd like to do even more!)

Have a fancy dog in thanks!

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