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Bleaching my hair!

I’m finally taking the plunge, and after growing out my un-dyed hair a bunch, I’m gonna try and go queer girl blonde. Like white blonde. Eek!

I had a consultation today and the stylist (at a very well reviewed but still not horrendously expensive salon) thinks it’s possible - we might not get white blonde on the first go around, but we’ll get it pretty blonde! My hair’s already naturally medium blonde and lightens pretty easily. It’s somewhat fine.

A couple questions for you hair mavens:

1) Is Olaplex worth the $40 extra? The stylist said i could probably skip it this time and use it next time, but I’m still a little worried about damage.


2) I’m getting my hair done tomorrow, and tomorrow would normally be my hair washing day (I’ve gotten it down to washing every three or four days). Should I go in with greasy hair or washed hair? Is it worth doing an overnight coconut oil mask and then shampooing in the morning? Or should I just go in with naturally oily hair and do coconut oil treatments later on.

Eeeee I’m so excited for the hair change!!

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