Not sure if it's the thyroid or what but I just feel like total crap.

My stomach is all sorts of a mess and I'm, like, perpetually nauseous lately and throwing up from time to time. And sometimes my heart just starts racing and that sucks. Plus I'm shaky and going from hot to cold rapidly. It's just frustrating as all hell cuz I keep feeling sicker, and it makes me kind of afraid to leave the house because I don't know if I'm going to get sick in the middle of class or something. And now we're getting more snow here so I feel like I'm never getting in to see a doctor. This is shitty.

And it'll be the first Valentine's Day in 5 years that I'm single and I get to spend it with a psychiatrist. Woo.

But after that I get to see my best friend and we're gonna bake brownies!

I saw my/Consort's friend tonight, and it was nice. She made us chili and we watched the Beatles' dedication show...thing and I got to meet her new puppy. She also apologized for not inviting me on Sunday to the Walking Dead get together, and she only didn't invite me because I...don't watch The Walking Dead. And when I asked if I could come by this upcoming Sunday she was like "uh duh, do you even have to ask?"


*Sigh. I wish my mind would stop convincing me of things that aren't true. When things get dark, the shadows do seem to dance.

I feel better emotionally/mentally. Not good but better. I just wish I felt alright physically. I look like crap, too on top of it. The circles under my eyes just seem to be getting darker and my skin is just entirely dull, and I feel like I look slightly gaunt. That might just all be in my head, though. 'Tis hard to tell sometimes.