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Okay, like many of us I have a blended family. We are mostly grown but I still feel heavy tensions on holidays and at family functions. My Dad remarried a woman who has two daughters (I was 18 when they married and the girls were 8 and 11 maybe). He raised them like his own. one of them is such a bitch to me for reasons unknown to me. My step mother is kind of a bonehead at times (although overall a loving (to my dad and her kids) hardworking woman). Sometimes she does things that make me feel excluded from their family. Such as throw a dedication (like a baptism) for my step sisters baby and not invite me. I was told it was because it was a small get together and there wasn't even presents. Um, okayyyyy. That happened about three years ago and I finally realized that the more I try to get close and become part of their core, the more I was getting hurt. One time back when I was trying to be a part of the family my step mother posted a "family christmas picture" where they all got dressed up and had someone take their pictures (granted this was not in a professional setting). They all posed in front of the tree... it was lovely. I felt like it was somewhat insensitive of her to post it (in combination with my other negative experiences of being excluded as a member of the family) and call it a family christmas photo. When I nor my brother were in it, asked to be in it, etc. Mountains out of molehills? Maybe. All I know is that I was repeatedly hurt by my step mother and bitchy step sister. I made a sarcastic comment about how nice of a photo it was. It was very sarcastic. Now, three years later the step sister is commenting back... I don't want to fucking argue as I've come a really long way and stopped trying so hard to place myself into a family dynamic that only hurts me. Part of me wants to engage in a stupid Facebook argument but I know that it'll only end up causing resentment and unnecessary anxiety because this chick feeds on drama. Ending my rant here before I keep blubbering on about my nonproblem problem.


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