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I'm so stressed out today.

Like, I'm about to snap at my manger or one of my ridiculous customers.

I logged into my bank account this morning, and I'm missing about $150 bucks. I looked through all of my transactions, and it's just not adding up. I called the bank, and they were completely unhelpful and told me I should watch my spending around the holiday season! Hardy fuckin' har.


Me and my human had a stupid argument last night, and I'm feeling all sorts of shitty for that still. Theodore thinks climbing up my Christmas tree is a super cool thing to do now. I reallllyyy want Buona for lunch but my gas light is on and I do not want to stand at a pump in -4° degree weather.

And basically I just feel super fucking whiny. We should have a fun gif party, or silly story time to make me feel better!

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