So I haven't been to a GP in like years. I see my gynecologist every year, but I don't get a physical. It just seems sort of random and pointless?

Anyway, I'm about to start my aerial circus intensive, and I want to get some random pains checked out by a sports medicine person before I start training 5-7 days a week. I need a referral, so I adulted and worked out all my insurance stuff and made an appointment with a GP. But I'm like really scared to see him? It didn't help that I kind of picked randomly, made the appointment, and then looked up reviews. There is a review that is like WORST DOCTOR EVER. But how bad can it be really? (I don't know). I don't even know if they'll give me a referral for a sports medicine person / PT because I don't think I'm injured per say...

I also need a referral for an ophthalmologist. I'm REALLY scared to see one, because a couple of years ago my optometrist though there may have been something weird with my retina, but I never got that checked out. Now I have this persistent floater and I bet I'm going blind and it'll be my fault because I never got it checked out two years ago.

ADULTING IS SO HARD. I feel stressed from all the appointment making (I also scheduled my annual pap, but my doctor was out of town and I was going to run out of BC, etc, etc, blergh...but I fixed it) and anxious and nervous about the doctor going.