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Blergh, I just realized I'm going to be in Kansas City

this weekend at the same time as this anime convention my girlfriend and I had been thinking about going to earlier in the summer. We eventually nixed the idea for whatever reason, I think in part because room blocks for the con hotel were sold out and in part because I wasn't sure of my work schedule (which is planned out a month at a time). I checked and the con has day passes, but personally I think the price of admission is too high given how small the con is. Nonetheless, I'm tempted to go anyway because otherwise it seems likely this year will pass without my having gone to any cons. And that makes me really disappointed. I was never really into anime before I met my girlfriend and thus had never gone to a con before we started dating. I convinced her to take me to one last year, and I was HOOKED, especially on cosplay. (I'm really moved by the idea of loving a show, game, etc. and/or its aesthetic so much that you want to recreate its characters' wardrobe in real life.) We were supposed to go to a big con in Chicago this spring, but my girlfriend lost her wallet en route, and we had to turn around because there was no way I could afford to pay for both of us, even if she eventually paid me back. As cosplay is where it's at for me, I suppose I could do it for the sake of the craft, but experience with prior sewing projects has taught me I need to have some sort of hard deadline if I'm going to finish a piece (sad but true). At any rate, I'm more than a little saddened because I got a taste of this wonderful culture, and it seems more and more like I'll never get to go to a con again.


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