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Bless her heart..

I was at a party for the parents of Manitasironing (awkward name?). They had ordered fabulous indonesian food. I was sitting with some aunts and Manitas' sister, who is a doctor and someone who can be blunt and be very condemning of people who make bad (health) choices in her eyes.

So I was slightly hesitant to announce that I was regretting eating the (calorie heavy) food because I just started a diet. The good thing was that her first reaction was "why are you on a diet?" (I'm just slightly overweight, but as I told her, if I don't diet my weight is just going up). She considered this, seemed to accept it, turned to me and said "do you even want to know my thoughts on diets?" I thought it over for a second and then told her that frankly, no, I wasn't interested in the opinion on diets from someone who's BMI has never been above 24. I know her well enough that this offended her, but she's by know a big enough person to get over these things.

A few moments later it came out anyway, turns out her philosophy is "when you no longer feel like eating, stop eating."


I'm not even on the Louis CK "the meal is over when I hate myself". I hate myself at the start of the meal, the meal is over for me if a) the food is gone or b) I cannot put another bite in myself because my stomach has reached it's absolute max capacity or c) I am in a good enough state of mind that I can stop. But since at heart she's a really sensitive caring person, I thought I'd spare her that.

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