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Blindsided by fail. Advice?

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I have a really good female friend whom I've known for ten-plus years. She's maybe 15 years older than I am. I've stayed with her and her husband multiple times for longer and shorter periods, sometimes as long as three weeks. I really like them both. He's funny and warm. They have a long and happy marriage. They were high school sweethearts, I'm sure. She's just awesome in every way and has drunk me under the table a couple of times. She also stuck with me when someone she'd known a lot longer than me broke my heart in totally inexcusable way. Her daughter is also a good friend.


Anyway. I was just staying with them for a couple of weeks. I thought I was imagining it at first (you can hear it coming, yeah?), but the husband started finding excuses to grab one of my hands or pinch my cheek (??) or hug me an instant too long, always when my friend was looking the other way, not in the room, or not home. So, ugh.

Clearly, I can't stay there again, which reeeeally sucks and will be difficult to explain when I'm next sniffing around for somewhere to stay here. Any advice on that is welcome. I think what I'll actually do as to the next question is say nothing, but I'm asking for y'all's take on it anyway. What would you do?


ETA: What kills me is that "say nothing" is self-silencing, which I'm generally opposed to. It just doesn't help anyone.

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