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Hiya GT!

For those of you who like DQ, and like Blizzards, but need a good reason to go get one—TODAY IS YOUR DAY!😉

Today is “Miracle Treat Day,” which means that $1.00 from each Blizzard sold goes to Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) hospitals.


For us here in MN, that means the local DQ’s are raising money for Gilette Children’s Hospital over in St. Paul. The hospitals other states’ DQs are raising money for will be local to them, but they will ALL be CMN hospitals.

Why is this a Good Thing, and why am I sharing it here?

Because fundraisers like this one raise money for things like the Child Life department at hospitals like Gilette.

Child Life is an “overhead” department,** it’s not something which can be billed for. That means that *any* hospital which provides Child Life services is covering that department & all of its costs out of the hospital’s operating budget and/or donations.

As the link explains, Child Life Specialists are important in the hospital, because they help kids & their families to have less traumatic experiences.


Things they help with are as diverse as: preparing for an initial hospital experience for a child; a difficult pregancy/birth and working with parents to help them understand what the baby is going through, and how to best help them grow & thrive; helping kiddos dealing with long-term medical conditions & hospitalizations, to make their lives as “normal” as possible; helping the friends & family members of terminally ill children to deal with the reality of their friend’s/family member’s diagnosis; and working with children who have terminal diagnoses, so that they can create “legacy” projects if they desire, helping them navigate their feelings & worries for themselves & their families, and helping parents support each other & their child/the child’s siblings.

Child Life also does things like coordinating visits by celebrities & athletes, planning events & parties for kids in the hospital, and soliciting & distributing toys & games for the children staying in hospitals, to make the child’s time more enjoyable.


Miracle Treat Day helps to fund things like these☝️, and SO many more things, too.

So if you needed a REALLY good excuse to go get a Blizzard and/or you just crave/want one, today is the *PERFECT* day to treat yourself, or someone you like to one!😉


**Full disclosure: I know this, because I’ve met & talked pretty in-depth with Child Life Specialists (CCLS’s) from Gilette.

At my Child Life Assistant program, over the course of my major, I got to know & meet with folks from Gilette, Children’s Minneapolis & Children’s St. Paul, HCMC, Mayo, and other local hospitals & medical-related programming. ALL of them explained that Child Life is an “overhead” department, and that fundraising takes LOTS of time & effort. Things like Miracle Day rank right up there with Galas to raise LOTS of money for programming in one event.

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