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How goes the clean-up?

GuyJinx has been outside for 3 hours. I helped for one, but ran back inside. He, of course, plowed out our 2 cars, our neighbor's car, the front of the car port for other neighbor and an extra space for our besties that come tomorrow...and then the plow guys came "cleaned" a spot that didn't need to be and, in doing so, shoved 2 ft of snow right back up against my driver's side.


Seriously. That's it. They didn't attempt to plow the driveway, just made 2 passes to "clear" a space that no one uses/needs.

Ugh. Their truck is waaaay too big for our driveway, can't turn around, and can't do actual spots (they wouldn't have been able to get in but the vet that lives upstairs had to go in for work and so they had a little turning radius).

So poor dude's still outside (though I was like, fuck it, I'll go in through the passenger seat).

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