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BLM Does Not Even Extend to African American Cops White Cops Will Shoot Them Too Arguing They Were Afraid

Not surprisingly a white cop shot one of his “brothers” because he was afraid. You just knew it was going to happen. I guess African American cops need to never go off duty and wear their uniform everytime they leave the house and need to forget about going undercover or being a detective. White cops will shoot them and claim “I was afraid”. The off duty officer did live, he was shot in the arm



Of course if white cops are so afraid of the sight of an African American male makes me wonder how they ever leave the house let alone being a cop. Yes “I was afraid” is complete bs. I bet that white cop thought “oh here is my chance to kill an (n word) and I can claim ‘fear’ and no one will care.” Sadly no one will even juries. I am sure a jury will find a way to blame this victim. If it goes to trial. I suspect the African American cop will be given a very large retirement bonus and full retirement just to make the case go away.

The white cop needs to be booted from the police force his “afraid” excuse alone makes him unworthy of being a cop.

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