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Does anyone know if a blocked number can still reach you if they list themselves as “no caller ID”? I’ve been getting daily, sometimes twice or thrice daily calls from a no caller ID number for a little over a week now. I’ve only answered two of them because I’ve been working or had my phone on silent. I expected a marketing call, but heard a few seconds of background noise with some chatter (sounded like male voices), silence after I say hello? and then the caller hangs up.

Here’s where my paranoid side comes in: there was a guy I met on tinder who I went on two dates with a couple years ago. Every few months he’s texted me and usually I never respond. A couple times we’ve talent and flirted but I wasn’t really interested and never saw him, and last summer I said I was seeing someone and wasn’t interested.


So, I’m worried he’s the one who’s calling since he texted twice this summer, including this week.

My question! If I've blocked his number, and he calls as a no caller ID, will the call still go through? Can my phone see it's his number? I know you can't block no caller Ids, but I'm hoping you can block phone numbers you know even if they try to hide themselves.

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