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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Blogging Schmogging: Advice Solicited

Happy New Year everyone!

In breaking New Year's Resolution news, I have two blogs set up that are just waiting for me to write some entries. I'd like to become a better writer of non-academic things, and lightly academic things, and just plain thoughtful and perhaps funny things, and what better way to practice than with a blog? Or better yet, two blogs. It will also be good to have a portfolio I can point to when I'm applying for jobs.


The thing is, I'm quite terrified to put myself out there. And that's what it will feel like - exposing myself for the whole world to see, not just a professor here and there reading my papers. I know I have to start somewhere, but it's hard for me to think about posting blog entries that aren't good enough. I know I have to get over that and start pumping out content, or I'll never start at all, but the perfectionist in me balks at the idea.

These are my ideas, and I'm hoping to get some feedback and some encouragement:

Blog #1: Reviews of graphic novels/comic books, posts about developments from authors/publishers I like. More serious, but not totally serious. I was thinking of writing the reviews in the form of a somewhat formal letter to the author/illustrator. This blog will help me keep up my critical/analytical skills, and demonstrate my ability to do updates/news blurbs through social media (which will be useful for job applications). Some personal anecdotes along with my opinions, but nothing I wouldn't be comfortable telling an employer. I'd link this one to my real identity. Oh, and I chose graphic novels because I love them!


Blog #2: I've started knitting a red scarf from a giant ball of yarn, and I've decided to keep knitting the scarf until all the yarn is used up. I'm trying out different patterns from a 30-year old knitting encyclopedia. I'd like to write about personal stuff with this blog - my search for employment, dermatillomania, depression, making things, plain old life stuff - tied in with the yarn pattern that I tried out during the week. I'd also include the pattern instructions in the blog post, and pictures of my progress. It'd be neat to work through all 1500 patterns! (I'd probably have to buy some more skeins.) I'd want this blog to be more anonymous, not linked to any of my other social media accounts.

Any suggestions? Do they sound like not-quite-dull blogs? I guess that might depend on the writing. Any suggestions for setting up and sticking to a schedule? Has anyone here found that blogging has improved writing skills?


PS: Is that Tom Hiddleston in Wallander? *googles* Why yes, yes it is.

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