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So I thought about it, and came to this: I never follow through on writing because I run out of things to write about. So in solidarity with my novelist friends, I am going to make a real push to write an essay every other day, and to find things to spark my thoughts. I figure I'll keep publishing on my Kinja blog for a while until I get the kinks worked out, then move offsite and own my work once I'm certain I will have the energy to keep up with it. I do not think I will share all my work to any of the forums, but should you read one and like it, feel free. I think there's a line of self-promotion that I don't want to run up against, and waiting for other people to recommend will also give me a better idea of what works.

I am fighting my own magical thinking right now, because since I have published two pieces in particular I have had a steady influx of awesome. But I think that maybe there are enough people that will find value in my work and the work I can publish from other people's perspectives that I might do some good. So if you would like, I have a new piece up on my Kinja. For those of you that have been with me from the beginning of this thing, I am never averse to constructive criticism. There are a lot of rules of writing, and you can probably assume I don't know one if I am breaking it. I will not be offended by help.


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