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Blue Apron Review--Plus Bonus Ice Cream!

Having taken advantage of the Gawker offer for 50% off a week of Blue Apron, I thought I’d write about the food I got and how I liked it! (I’m not being paid to do this or anything, I just thought it might be useful for you guys to hear how it is—but wouldn’t it be great if they DID pay me??) This means that the six meals (three separate meals, each with two servings, although we have had leftovers for every single one) we bought cost $30 total, or $15 each, which is an awesome deal! Especially since, with the leftovers, we essentially made that $15 each last us for dinners all week. It’s possible to eat way cheaper than that, but we were eating seriously fabulous food so it was a really fun treat. There are family plans too but we just got the two person one.

First, I must note that although their menus are customizable, there is no gluten-free option. Their website basically says this is because all the food is processed in the same spaces and they can’t guarantee that there’s no cross-contamination. My roommate can’t eat gluten, but she isn’t sensitive enough that she got sick from any of the food we had this week (since she skipped the obvious gluten like the flour tortillas), so there’s that. I think people with severe food allergies of any kind might not find this to be the best option for them. Also, I don’t do soap in my food cilantro so we left it out of all three meals this week (my roommate added it to her own plate after cooking).

Anyway, onto the food! We got three fabulous meals this week, it all came fresh, it all seemed good quality, the recipes come printed on these nice durable cards with photos and step by step instructions, and you can’t mess it up. Would be good for someone with room in their budget for BA prices, but without a ton of cooking experience. Or someone who is super sick of meal planning and wants someone else to pick great stuff out for them.

  1. Pork and Tomatillo Pozole: OH MY GOD SO GOOD! I have never had pozole before so it might not stack up by some standards, but I thought this was amazing. We used the whole included spice packet and it had some great flavor and kick but it wasn’t super spicy, which made me happy. The hit of lime was great, and the crunch added by the radishes and the toasted pepitas created a nice mix of textures.
  2. Pulled Chicken Mole Quesadillas: To make these gluten-free, we just ate the chicken mole out of bowls, topped with the cheese and the shredded cabbage. I totally could have made a quesadilla just for me, but I was hungry and lazy and just wanted to go ahead and eat it! In the past, I have found mole sauce to be sort of heavier and more bitter than I like, but I liked this dish—which actually makes me wonder if it’s been dumbed-down for unadventurous customers. I enjoyed it, but I would be interested to hear the perspective of a true mole sauce aficionado.
  3. Enchiladas Rojas: To make this gluten-free, we layered the sauce and the rice/bean/cactus filling in the casserole dish and topped it with cheese and baked it, just leaving out the (flour) tortillas. We then ate it with (corn) tortilla chips! This one was another super delicious meal, the most exciting part being that a WHOLE CACTUS PAD came mailed to my house in a box! I can now claim to have received a cactus in the mail, which is what it’s all about, really. I cut away the spines, chopped it up, and we tossed it in with the rest, and it was really good! I don’t think it ever would have occurred to me to buy this ingredient at the store, so that’s a way that this food delivery has introduced new stuff to me, even without the expense of travel or restaurant dining. Isn’t it so fun and exciting when you try something you’ve never had before and love it?

Overall, I will probably not keep getting this delivery service because I can save money by doing my own shopping, and I am not a person with a huge budget. But if I made just a leeetle bit more...and I keep telling myself I could always do it once a month, as opposed to every week! If this works with your budget, I 110% recommend giving it a try. I really enjoy cooking, and it’s nice to have the exact right amount of each ingredient pre-selected for you.

And now for the Bonus Ice Cream!

A week or so ago Slut Panic posted this two ingredient, no machine ice cream base. I felt that this spoke directly to my soul, so I went out and got heavy cream and sweetened condensed milk right away. Today I made the cookie dough variety, using Gemma Stafford’s recipe for edible egg-free cookie dough. Again, to make it gluten-free I used Pillsbury gluten-free flour instead of regular flour. I then added some extra vanilla, sugar, salt, and some cinnamon because gluten-free flour kind of tastes like sawdust, tbh. But the idea of making this whole thing of ice cream that my roommate literally can’t eat was just not at all a good idea IMO—I need someone to help me eat it! And to share the love.


It has to freeze overnight, but the ice cream base itself was sweet, yummy, and it came out perfectly with the thick texture that Gemma Stafford shows on her channel. I just have an ancient hand mixer, and it came out fine. I suppose technically the jury is still out until tomorrow when I can eat the finished product, but I am feeling encouraged by how well it’s gone so far.


I had some extra base left over, so I added some cocoa powder, chocolate chips, and fresh raspberries to it and mashed it all up with a fork. Excited to see how that turns out!

Last night, while eating our cactus nachos, my roommate and I were watching Anne of Green Gables (huge fan of the books, never seen the movie). Food and television, bringing humanity together! It’s a beautiful thing.


Love you all!

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