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Bluetooth headphone recs? (and General Recommendations OT!)

Hey yall - distraction central over here. I did all the thing and called the people and now I have the absolute privilege of being able to stop thinking for a second and focus on some non important stuff. Namely - I finally replaced my phone after 4 years (a fact of which I am super proud I kept a phone that long) and now I need the bluetooth headphones since my new iPhone is sans jack. Do yall have any recommendations for bluetooth headphones? I’ve never had any but my qualifications are.

  • Cheap (not over 30-40 dollars, and the first poster that says “I know you said 40 but trust me these 2000 dollar ones are worth the investment” is going to get a VERY MEAN (not that mean) gif. I also know there are adapters so I could keep using what I have. That is not a viable long term solution so I might as well get used to bluetooth now.
  • Stay on/stay put. I primarily use them for working out which can be pretty high impact - jogging, but also body weight exercises where you’re all over the place like burpees, jumping jacks, etc. I want something that stays in place.
  • Something that doesn’t feel weird. I know this is vague but I’ve never had wireless headphones and I’m really worried about the standard model i see with a wire connecting the buds that goes around the neck. I HATE having things directly on my neck while running (like I have to have a bun, not a ponytail) and I don’t know where the cord sits or how noticable it is?
  • I can just throw them in my purse and keep them there. Yall I’m not going to take great care of these. Can I just throw them into my bag and be like shrug! and pull them out every day? Because I have a 6 dollar pair of wired earbuds I do that with now that have lasted two years so these better be able to.

It looks like lifehacker recommends an under 20 pair of Anker ones that I’m leaning towards? But I have 0 clue here.

What stuff do you want to buy that you need input on, GT??

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