Unfucking an area that should've been unfucked long ago - the remnants of my jeweler-past-life, aka, my sparkly stockpile. I'm planning on listing almost all of it on eBay today and tomorrow, a process I do NOT enjoy.

Just an example of the misc. stuff to get rid of - amethyst, blue topaz, moissanite, rubies (teeeeeny tiny little rounds), sapphires, emeralds, garnets, a couple of gorgeous peridot (I'm not usually a fan, but they're so pretty), blue zircon, white zircon, tanzanite, opals, a couple of iolite and worst of all, some stones I can't identify. Like, "could be a padparadscha sapphire, could be peach topaz - no clue!" Just, basically, a bunch of stuff that got "leftover" when I quit. Most are small to smallish, which makes them an even bigger pain to sell.

Arrrrrrgggghhhh. Any fellow raccoons (oooh, purty shiny!) feel like throwing $300 500 (just priced out the moissanite, guess I forgot how expensive it is lol) my way and taking it all? Yeah, didn't think so. ;)

(Actually, fun facts - I ended as the #2 seller on eBay in my category, sold over a million dollars worth of jewelry that I hand-set myself, but I started at tripps.com with a catalog of their pre-notched settings. The hand-set stuff came later, when I couldn't take the limitations of "pre-notched" anymore, so I learned to cut seats/properly set stones. But it really-really all started the way it's ending with this last push to get rid of stuff - I bought a couple lots of gemstones for no good reason, and the rest is history.)