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Blurred Lines: A Family Affair

Mr. MacNasty managed to become aware of the video/song this week. It's unusual because he doesn't listen to the radio and exists primarily on a music diet of Ween, the Pixies, the Beatles, and an assortment of alternative rock from the 80's and 90's. Anyhow, beyond all logic, he fucking LOVES the song. He's been singing it at me for DAYS, y'all. I told him the whole thing about it being considered kinda rapey, i.e. the lyrics, and he had a sad. He is a smart, compassionate feminist and is aware of the complex nature of rape culture.

Well. Sort of.

So he suddenly says, "But I'm singing it to YOU! I would never rape YOU! [plunging back into serenade mode] 'I feel so lucky...You wanna hug me...'" [dances out of kitchen waving one of our small dogs above his head].


It's sort of ... nice... being told you'll never be raped. Not that I ever thought he WOULD, of course, but still! It's the thought that counts!

I think...

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