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A few days ago I commented on a post about encountering/facing bullies from your teen years in adulthood. I spoke of my old junior high BFF who was pretty manipulative and who now runs a very popular blog. My point of bringing up the blog was that it makes it harder to escape this person from my past, more-so than blocking on FB or something. I wasn't nasty or anything, aside from mentioning that I feel her blog as "twee" (which it is). I talked about the fact that when kids are teens they're...well, kids. People grow up, and they change. It doesn't mean you have to diminish how they were or be buddies again, but holding onto resentment isn't always the best strategy.

In any case, the takeaway in the replies was...there were none. Everyone was just interested in who this blogger was. Today I got an Google alert that lead me to some weird forum, I think it was called "get off my internet" or something. Someone, who had clearly read the comment, was going on about how shitty I am, basically. I kind of sped read it, stopped and retreated.

It nearly gave me a panic attack because, to start, my intention wasn't to dump on this person from my past, nor was my intent to "out" her as some kind of asshole. I realized that I tend to flap my gums around Jez and I probably share waaaaaay too much. I don't really write for my blog anymore so I just operate under the assumption that no one reads it or ever read it, really, because it's a stupid little blog. I had the realization that the blog, Jezebel, the design business, my real name, now are all muddied together on the Internet. And I probably shouldn't flit around thinking we're all just chit-chatting and no one is going to really care who I am or too much about what I say. It kind of freaked me out. Something similar happened a few years ago with some girl who started a blog about Jezebel and had an "I Hate Penny" tag. I don't have thick enough skin for this.


So, my question, because I know there's a huge mix of people here, is if I am just being too paranoid or sensitive, or if I should start cleaning up my web presences, or should STFU on Jez (which is hard, because I've been here since the beginning and I love talking to everyone). Do you not worry about people knowing who you are in real life? How do you censor, if at all?

I guess I just feel a little weirded out.

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