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I need your help, please!

What are some games you like that can be fun if played by two people? We do have some friends who like to play board games but they just had a babby and moved so it’ll be some time before we have a group game night.


I’m trying to find a gift game for him and he mentioned Mysterium, which we’ve never played but he seemed excited about. But I wrote it down on my “Christmas gift ideas” list then promptly left that list out and he saw it and damn it!

We do both like Ticket to Ride and have a couple versions of that but I’d like to find something new. Homey likes long strategy games and I like... like, old games, Scrabble and Trivial Pursuit which are not his jam. The idea of playing something like Risk is a nightmare to me.

When I looked up Mysterium, Amazon suggested Last Night on Earth—has anyone played that? Should I just go with Mysterium, despite him seeing it on my idea list? Thanks, guys!!

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