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Body Brushing y/n?

I’ve been reading for a few weeks about the benefits of body brushing/dry brushing, and I was at the store yesterday and bought one on a whim.

Do any of you use one? Are the benefits real? Specifically I’m looking to reduce the bit of cellulite I have before I go on vacation in a few weeks. I won’t be terribly disappointed if nothing happens, but it would be great if it did. I’m also happy with exfoliation and whatever.

The one I bought was really inexpensive. Does price really matter? I mean, it wasn’t made with like, organic free range goat hair. A body brush is a body brush, right?


Or is this all just another ploy to get women to buy things and feel terrible about themselves?

I used mine for the first time today, with hope.

Here are some links for those who have no idea what I’m talking about.

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