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Body Entitlement

Because I seem to have a need to emotionally and intellectually hurt myself I read the comments on this pro-choice article.

Essentially the pro-life group got special permission to plant flags on Parliament Hill. First of all, not cool if you aren't affording every group the same opportunity to stage a similar event. To bend the rules for one group shows the bias of the administration and attempts to re-open the abortion debate.


yes, the CBC was exceptionally late reporting this story, I don't know why.

I am talking about Canada.

Reading the comments it seems pro-lifers have a lot of entitlement to other people's bodies. It seems to all in to several groups.

1. Men that want to control women

2. Men who have had girlfriends/wifes abort children

3. Infertile couples (Also people who claim to be, and probably aren't, but use this to support all babies are wanted)


4. People (both religious and not) that believe that fetuses have more rights than a woman.

5. People who think this is a waste of their tax payer money (better not get any disease from poor lifestyle choices, what were you doing when you picked up that powered on lawnmower and cut your fingers off.)


6. I'm forgetting a few, but you get the picture (babab not a lump of cells. LIFE IS IMPORTANT bababa heartbeat, god, bababaa )

Three really stood out to me. A lot of them use how IVF and other fertility programs aren't covered and therefore abortion shouldn't be. Or that the adoption process is so hard, that making abortion illegal will allow for more of these couples to adopt. That these babies will find love their family.


I realize I'm not approaching this sensitively. Infertility is hard and painful issue, but because you can't have children doesn't mean you get to force another person too. You do not have rights to their body because you want a child. (I am of course for consensual surrogacy)

I always think, there must be a way to explain to people that forced birth is bad. That having no control over your body is bad. That you have a right to your body. But the pro-life menz will never get it because they can't have a forced birth. Unless we put tumours in them and tell them it's life. You know like one of those monster tumours that a weird collection of hair, and other cells. But that's a bit of stretch...


Then I thought of this analogy. Forced Organ donation.

If we had rights to each other's bodies, I should have rights to your body and when I need a kidney, lung, blood, bone marrow or any other transplant. I should force to you donate them. Every life is sacred right? So your organ or tissues would save me. I'm a life. You should risk your life to save mine, as that woman risked her life to bring that baby she didn't want into the world. A medical procedure isn't a big deal right? Taking time off work, ya we can all afford to do that right? I'm sure if you died during it, that's what god or some shit would want. But you'd be saving a life. The months or years of recovery and emotional suffering you'd endure are meaningless because my life is worth it. I'm someone's baby.


At least the positive about forced tissue donation is that I'm not forcing my cells in your brain to make you love me. Or chemically re-programming your body to take care of me. Depending on what I take you will feel some pretty drastic bodily changes. But I'll be long gone after I harvest your tissues. My organ poaching is less psychologically invasive. No one will ever shame you for having a kidney to harvest in the first place. But seriously, what were you doing with that kidney for so long? Like OMG, selfish much?

A baby isn't the same as a organ, but just as I can't demand that someone gives me their tissues against their will, you can't force someone to have a baby they don't want.


If you want forced births, then you can also have forced organ, blood and tissue donation.

But I would never ask someone to do this. I would never demand someone to risk their life or quality of life to save my life. I wouldn't want them to drastically change their body for my need. I wouldn't ask someone to go through emotional suffering on my behalf. My life is precious, but it's not worth the forced suffering of another person. To do that would be torture and a violation of human rights.


It's your body, no one has rights too it other than you.


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