Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

My breasts are swollen and my nipples are tender. I know for a fact I’m not pregnant. So. Why?? How?!? This has never happened before and it’s uncomfortable and confusing!

I have an iud (mirena) and haven’t had sex since August so it’s definitely not pregnancy. My boobs are smaller, more pointy than round and never really fluctuated with hormones before. I don’t get my period on mirena. My weight hasn’t changed. This is the second or third day of this and even the bras that typically gape are feeling pretty snug. I suddenly have some small amount of cleavage happening! My body doesn’t do confusing things like this!!

I...is it possible for your bra size to suddenly go up at 24-25? Is there anything to *do* for tenderness?


(The internet is of no help besides telling me I’m pregnant. Or beast feeding. Which I’m not. Help me hive mind!)

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