Who has ever had body issues? The better question is probably who hasn't had body issues?

I'm proud to say that I've reached a place in my life where I just DGAF. Not as in no showering for 15 days just for the lols but where I actively am happy no matter my shape, size, spot count or height.

My mother is bloody amazing she taught me to appreciate my self and my body from an early age. As a teenager this was super annoying, no straighteners and no make up till 16. However this gave me to confidence to always be me, no matter the peer pressure, societal norms and images of skinny white women I could never become (I have nothing against skinny white women).

Being a tall flat bootied WOC came with it's own problems, people constantly thinking it was ok to bring up my butt or lack there of in random conversation because of the colour of my skin. I was 'skinny for a black girl' 'where's your bum black girl' 'why don't you have a butt' 'look like a white chick' etc etc.

All this influenced my dress sense and personal style, I leaned towards the t-shirt and jeans combo. I staunchly refused 'feminine' clothing or colours and leant towards an androgynous sense of style. I was mistaken for a boy more than a few times and even asked on a couple dates (I was so proud).

Yet when I hit my late teens and by late I mean 19, puberty really hit. I struggled to adapt to my new butt and boobs, which by some magical fairy dust are way bigger than the average in my family. In a different environment at university where I was one of 5 WOC on my whole course (of over 500 students) I was now the big butt girl (ARGHHHH).


Now into my mid 20s everything has stopped growing finally, I'm no longer afraid of my knobbly knees. I own my scars, my 'angular' shape, pointy elbows, tiny ears, flat ass, big eyes, five head and every other piece of me.

I may 'look like a boy' or 'dress like a lesbian' (I missed the sexuality dress code seminar) but I LOVE ME. Every one love you too, life is too much fun to give a fuck. Only care about how you love you, compliments are nice but so is cake and masturbation. I will continue to rock out in a crop top, kimono style cape, Doctor Martens and Big Fedora cos I can.

Whatever you do wake up feeling like this


I do. (all credit goes to BRIMSG, I borrowed this from here)

TL;DR - Love your damn self, see gif above for the image of feeling awesome. Be happy eat cake (or treat of your choosing) , self love ;p.


Kitty Loves You All.

P.s. Hope it wasn't too soppy. Don't you peeps love kimonos? I do feels so good on my skins. As you can tell I over use brackets.