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Body stuff TMI (blackheads and chub rub)

The 2nd result of image searching "happy picture". I feel like it is a tampon commercial or something.


A little more line skip.

Now for the real stuff. This is about popping blackheads or something similar in sensitive-ish areas. Some mention of fluids.


I get blackheads and maybe some sort of cysts on my chub rub when I walk or sweat a lot in skirts. I usually wear spandex shorts under my dresses which prevents it, but this past weekend I forgot. Now I have a bunch of blackheads there. I exfoliate and pop the ones that are ready to burst and they go away after a few days. After I pop them I use rubbing alcohol which also helps.

The problem is this one hard bump. It is like the size of a pea under my skin and hurts when I squeeze it. There is no head like a zit or blackhead. I lanced one in the past out of desperation and there was a combo of puss and blood. Any idea on what to do to get rid of it? They take 1-2 weeks on their own but I tend to do more harm while waiting by picking at it. It hurts when I walk, even in pants.

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