I watched a program on corvids that showed the University of Washington’s Ornithology Department experiment with the scary mask and the local crows. They demonstrated in an early experiment that crows seemed to recognize human faces. Later research revealed that crows, indeed most corvids, give their offspring names and that they recognize and “talk” about humans who are threats. They literally spread the word about you if you are an enemy of crows. I have been doing an experiment for months with the neighborhood crows.I carry peanuts with me everywhere I go. When I see a crow I call to it and throw peanuts once I get the bird’s attention. Now when I go outside, if it’s before 3 PM when the crows all leave the neighborhood to communally flock along the Willamette River, there will be a crow sentry somewhere along my street who will notify all the crows in the area that I am there with peanuts. When I walk my dog they follow us and wait expectantly for their treat. It was surprising when I discovered my crow friends really unnerved some people. A girlfriend told me the flock of crows who showed up after work one late afternoon made her think of death. The large flock frightened her. I always thought crows were funny, they play tricks on other animals, for instance, and have been known to bring gifts to those who befriend them.