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Bomb girls on Netflix that is about Canadian women working in a bomb factory. The primary focus of the TV show is Caucasian Canadian women living regular lives and in World War Two, with the men off at war, that means taking labour jobs and doing a man's job. On the factory floor, the women wear headscarves and overalls, and strongly resemble Rosie the Riveter. One storyline includes a discussion of women's wages and equality, as women realize that they get paid much less then men. They are gaslighted with lines like, If we want to beat Hitler, we cannot afford to pay you as much as the men. There is an abortion storyline.

Have you watched this? What else is good on Netflix lately? <more of my thoughts about this TV show on ArtLoveLight>

Illustration for article titled BOMB GIRLS : Cheery Feminist Pinup Noir on Netflix

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