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Bomb talk--updating--50 yr old male arrested--press conference at 2pm. FBI says bomber may have been a "partisan" to address the whole false flag thing

I guess this is going to be a daily thing now?

1. Another bomb found in FL at a mail facility addressed to Cory Booker

2. CNN reporting that another package being investigated—found by a mail inspector—no report yet on who it is addressed to. It is similar to the other packages found.

Updating—the NY bomb is addressed to former DNI James Clapper. He does not live in NY so they are waiting to hear the address—did they send it to CNN again.


Updating—the NY package was addressed to Clapper at CNN.

Updating—Feds have taken a 50 yr old FL man in for questioning in this matter. Also they are investigating another possible bomb in CA.


MSNBC saying police in Plantation FL announced that an area of their city is shut down due to police activity—assuming that is where they picked up the suspect.

Pete Williams saying the person has been arrested and WILL face charges related to the bombings. Good job Feds!!!


Tom Winter reporting the man was originally from NY but now in FL—they know more but are not reporting it yet. Evidently feds were looking at more than one person—so it’s not clear if it was just one person doing this.

Feds announce 2 pm press conference

The FBI knew this guy yesterday and told the WH—that this guy is probably a ‘partisan’ indicating he’s associated with being Republican. Trump knew then before he was tweeting about the media causing this, and about “bombs” implying it was a hoax—HE KNEW BEFORE.


They have DNA from a fingerprint on one of the bombs that went to Maxine Waters. This guy is going to jail for up to 58 years.

There is another bomb—no info on who it was addressed to. Update—thirteenth bomb was for Kamala Harris.


MSNBC updating that Tom Steyer the rich guy who is running all the campaigns to impeach ads also had a bomb sent to him.  That’s 14.

For NY people—its on 52nd street and 8th ave-the NYC terrorism people are there now—evacuating around the PO.



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