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Bon Jour, Mes Amis!

I’m back from Paris! It was wonderful and, aside from the actual flights, everything went pretty much without a hitch.

Due to weather and problems with crews on the way out, our 13 hours of planned travel turned into (I wish I were kidding), 43 hours of travel. And yesterday, on the way back, the last leg of our travel was postponed a couple hours due to a missing captain! Turns out, our pilot got sick right before our flight and they couldn’t find him, then they had to find a new pilot and, by the time they found one, they had to replace the rest of the crew. :P But we made it!

Image of the Tower from our dinner cruise

The metro was supereasy to navigate and we got to visit a lot of our priorities (though, of course, not all of them!). We hit much of the touristy stuff but also got time in just walking around cool little neighborhoods. We did get “museumed out” on occasion, so neighborhood walks were a welcome break.

Homey did the catacombs while I enjoyed sunshine, coffee, and NOT BEING AROUND HUMAN REMAINS at a cafe. I seriously thought he’d be down in the catacombs by himself but, nope! There was a line around the block! He enjoyed his time down there and I enjoyed my time reading and writing. 

Despite not having a French class for about 10 years, I was able to get us around, order food, etc. although more than a couple times, people heard my horrific accent and were like, I can speak English, if you like. :) Everyone was superfriendly.


One night, I couldn’t sleep, so I laid in bed, planning my pitch to my boss for why I need to spearhead an annual study abroad trip to Paris, starting next year. I’ve got plans, guys! :D

Sunset over the Seine from the Tower
Sign in front of Shakespeare and Company
Our room key!

Anyway, I missed you all! How have you all been?

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