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Bones last three episodes so blah spoilers

I always loved this show. I never missed an episode. This season has been not good the last three episodes totally blah. I am sorry but bringing Sweets back as an imaginary friend to Bones daughter is just stupid. The fact that Bones just accepted it is so contrary to her character.

Angela and Higgins well I swear they are phoning it in. Angela with her "oh sweetie" expression and look has gotten so tedious. It seems like that is what Angela's character has solely become. She used to be a good charcter. I am shocked there is not a drinking game based on her saying it or gives the "oh sweetie" look. I did like Camille and her bf's storyline a bit overwrought but acceptable I wish she had more scenes and Angela and Higgins less.


The murder mysteries have increasingly become an aftert tought, last night seemed so rushed and poorly executed. It was nice seeing the police chief's assistant from Monk playing an important role sadly he still played a naive character.

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