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Bones what did I see?






Did I miss a scene where someone was knocked out and this was a dream? I do not think so.


This was the first time I ever nearly stopped watching an episode of this show. It took place in the 1950s and was shown to be a Hitchcocklike movie. It started in black and white in a red carpet where an announcer announced the leads which were the actors real names. Then they sat in their seats to watch the movie they starred in. It was stupid. My mother loooved it saying this is how actors acted back then. The story was nonsense and really it was like the writers said oh how will these actors be cast in a sorta Bones episode from the 50s. Hodgins was the only interesting character. Also really for the 200th episode they could not put Sweets somewhere.

May they never do this again except the last scene openned that door. The climax of the case was jawdroppingly idiotic.


WORST EPISODE EVER Emily Duchanel totally looks like she could have been a 1940s or 50s actress. This episode confirms it.

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