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Welcome To The Bitchery

Boo. :( Puppy in first heat probably pregnant.

You guys, dammitall. We've taken on my Mom's ill-advised recent puppy purchase, a now-probably six month old Westie girl named Lily who was too much of a handful w/r/t housetraining. Our 6yo male Westie isn't neutered. We have no other dogs, never planned on a female dog, for sure, and he's kept in the house & our well-fenced yard so he's led a celibate lifestyle. Yeah, until this weekend.

I am SO upset. She just came into heat about last week & a half, we've been making sure to keep them either crated when we're gone or IN OUR SIGHT when we're home, but nature finds a way, and all. It rained overnight and it woke the crated puppy, so I let her out.. UGH. Not a cool way to wake up.


The worst part is that we'd planned to have her spayed before 5 months - but apparently either the breeder didn't tell my mom the right age, or Mom simply mis-remembered, or she came into heat early.

FUCK FUCK FUCK. Now I have to have a pregnant dog spayed. I kind of hate that.

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