Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Boo! Stood up by my psychiatrist.

My psychiatrist cancelled on me last minute. Boo. I'm rescheduled for Thursday but now I'm working from home and really distracted. I'm a bit worried that I'll convince myself I'm okay by Thursday. That's kind of my MO. I may need you all to remind me I'm not okay. I was really hoping to get my dosage adjusted ASAP because I think I need it. It's getting hard to focus again and I'm dreading picking up the baby tonight. Oh well back to self medicating until then. I should hear back about my short term disability claim for the PPD soon too. Fingers crossed they give me something. Oh update on the job front the supervisors of our department met today to figure out the timeline for moving me over. After that meeting my new supervisor sent an email to one of the senior employees about training me in early February. I'm assuming it will officially be announced this week sometime.


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