So the short, non click-baity version - old people age. Some people feel this is a call to snark on old people's appearances with a "joke" about sunscreen. I replied: They are aged women. Fuck. Wear all the sunscreen you want, it's not going to stop you from developing an ugly, wrinkled soul..

link to comment I'm replying to.

My post has been summarily dismissed, which both perturbs and perversely amuses me. (Because I have warned you all, I am a giant dick.)

I am also, I think, about to head to the liquor store in prep for my DVR'd American Horror Story viewing with UncleKim tonight. (Because a.AHS requires booze, and b. I'm incapable of coherent posting today.. and I set that bar pretty fucking low, as y'all also know.) Err'day is National Vodka Day. I declare this whole shutdown season to heretofore be known as VodkaDown, and we call it a (cheap, under $14) party.


Edited for slight clarity for the last damned time, because uh, I'm not sure what's swimming in my brain today, but it might be some brain-eating disease and I give until I kill it with vodka.