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Boo, tornado, boo.

So I actually have no idea if it was the tornado that reportedly touched down in our tiny little town, or if it was the 110mph straight-line winds, but what you're looking at used to be my favorite tree, a persimmon that produced copious amounts of utterly inedible but gorgeous fruit every year. It also (sob!!) killed my hawk babies. Every year the hawks build a nest in one of our pecan trees, but I found one of the babies this morning, no more nest.

Also, Roof, you fucking suck. Why're you going to go and blow shingles all over the place and make me go to the principals offi.. I mean call and make a homeowner's claim? You know I can't afford my deductible, we've talked about this how many times?!!


OK, but, we're safe, I have a tornado shelter/tiny basement so we felt secure through the craziness, but dammitalltohell this is NOT a good time for this. I'm in the middle of planning a trip to Chicago in early July for my son's graduation from Navy boot camp, and this is the freaking PITS.

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