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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Boob/Underarm Lump o.O

Soooooooo I have a lump/bump in my underarm boob area. Guys its been there for a bit, but as I have had enlarged nodules so I didn't bother the doctor.

Now its bigger. I'm obviously on the of edge death. Goodbye.


I'm gonna go guys probably next week. The problem is it's like the hunger games trying to get an appointment. You have to phone at 8:30 am to get an appointment ON THE SAME DAY. You can't get appointments for the next day or ever except the same day.


I have sat and phoned repeatedly and no one answers or it rings out or tells you its busy. Then when you finally get through all appointments gone. RAGE. There is a window between 8:30 and 8:33 it's all down to having a strong phone or quick dialling finger.

Then you finally get an appointment and it's a stupid locum who's too scared to do anything so they refer you. Oh and then they lose your documents and try to tell you that you're not a patient. FFS I was in the place last week fucking fucking twerps.


And Breathe.

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