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Book Club Discussion for Sister Citizen

Good Morning!

We're starting discussion on Melissa Harris Perry's book, Sister Citizen today on the Goodreads bookclub.

I'm so happy members voted for this book, I've really enjoyed it so far. I'm not quite finished with it, I have two more chapters to go. I wish I'd read beforehand the novels, poems, and short stories she's referencing. This is taking me longer than expected because I'm wikipedia-ing what I haven't already read. (Holy notes and footnotes!) I really feel like this book should be required reading for all women's studies and American studies students. I feel like I'm better able now on being able to articulate why some articles or noise from talking heads would rub me the wrong way. I was never able really to explain why something made me uncomfortable or annoyed.


Anybody here read Sister Citizen? What did you think?

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