ETA: I’ll be running errands all afternoon but I wanted to get the ball rolling on the discussion. I’ll be here this evening to discuss with y’all!

This is not (at all) the kind of book I would pick up voluntarily. I read dark things, gritty things, things I can analyze, classics, sci-fi and fantasy... When Mr. Raptor saw me reading The Royal We, he gave me that “who are you and where is my wife” look. That being said, I found it so surprisingly delightful. I didn’t want to put it down.

Obviously this was written as a Kate+Will fanfic. That’s okay with me. I found it very well done, not at all like some other fanfics we’ve seen out there. (Talking about you, E.L. James.)


I also found some of it majorly annoying. It took me a long time to get past the “Bex” nickname. And her snorts. Why does she snort so much? What does a snort even sound like? Why didn’t she just tell Will.. I mean, Nick... about the kiss with Freddie as soon as she and Nick got back together?

I thought the romance was sweet. There were times I was a little sad like, “Mr. Raptor will never think of doing that.... sigh” I was hoping for a little more description of the sexy times (I know, I know!), but I think the subtlety was better. It didn’t take away from the story as it would had it been written Fifty Shades style. I’m glad it wasn’t a Harlequin novel. But I have a curious and dirty mind.

We see Bex change a lot over the course of the story. Do you think she considers herself a feminist? Would you do what Bex did for Nick? That is, completely reinvent yourself to suit the needs of the monarchy? Does liking this book make me a less worthy feminist?


I should have taken notes while I was reading because there’s much more that I wanted to comment on but have forgotten!

So, no, it’s not a book I would typically read. It’s not a book we can look for symbolism in and analyze. But I thought it was really fun.

Help me jog my memory! Discuss!

Also, a favor. I really liked this book. I mentioned before that this isn’t a genre I usually read, but if anyone has any book recommendations that are similar I’d be all ears. Just don’t tell my friends.