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Book Club: July nominations

Hopefully this format isn’t screwy because I’m on my phone (cleared cookies on desktop, lost burner key, sadraptor). But this is the place to nominate book for our July edition of the book club!

The theme is BEACH READS! I had so much fun reading The Royal We last summer when we had this theme. I couldn’t resist.


Please make your suggestions by commenting on this thread. Feel free to suggest as many texts as you like but, please make each suggestion in a separate comment! People will vote by starring your comment, so if you list a bunch of suggestions in one, we won’t know which text people are voting for.

The top 3 suggestions will go into a final voting tomorrow and the winner will be announced on Sunday.

And don’t forget, we’re discussing The Poisonwood Bible with Honeyheart (the best!) on June 30.

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