Well this was written in 1947 the descriptions were jaw droppingly bad s







On one level this book wasn't bad. Well written action scenes, simple mystery its completely obvious.

Mike Hammer on one hand not the brightest bulb, he proposed to the killer, yes proposed and also blurted out twice to a room full of cops he will kill the killer.

The first victim was Hammer's best friend. He lost an arm saving Hammer's life in WW2 and now a detective for an insurance agency also a former cop before WW2.


So the cops really want this killer. The killing is tied to prostitution and heroin. Jack the dead friend had solved the prostitution part and was about to hand info to cops but sadly killed before he could.

The killer was far smarter then Hammer yet messed up. She also left a whole lot of bodies by the tales end. Oddly its obvious Spenser (Robert Parker) used Hammer as his inspiration but I wonder if Charlotte, the psychiatrist killer, wasn't the inspiration for Susan Silverman. The interaction reminded me too much of when Spenser and Susan first met and how Spenser felt.


I don't know if this is factual but heroin addicts are described for getting off the drug as going cold turkey and they either survived or didn't. Really? That seems so barbaric.

I did cringe a lot in his describing women and African Americans