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Book Recommendation CHALLENGE. Also, a note on dogs

I mentioned last year a friendship with a senior couple in which the husband (DH) has had significant vision loss. Also over the holidays, I solicited gift ideas for a much younger cousin, an 8th grader who has had a really troubled upbringing (she loved the Wreck-It Journal, btw). Troubled Teen (TT) had a much better year in school and people are becoming more inclined to help her out.

To that end DH's wife has decided to try and bribe TT to read more by paying her to read to DH. You can probably spot the most immediate problem—finding a book that a 14 year old and a 75 year old can both enjoy.

DH enjoys nonfiction books, politics, economics and African-American history. During his convalescence, he also took a liking to John Grisham novels—but he's listened to so many, I couldn't begin to pick one out. TT has begun to express an interest in health and medicine. DH has already listened to The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks.


I've been running around helping various seniors, so limited internet time for responding (Jesus, what a day yesterday was on Gawker, huh?), but I appreciate any and all suggestions and any sharing to book-focused kinjas.

On another note, a group of us went to see yet another senior at her rehab facility. When we walked into the lounge, the dog belonging to a different group started this low growl and lunged at us while owner (?) held on. We tried to ignore dog and sat in the furthest corner, but everytime the owner would relax his grip, the dog would start this growling and try to come our way. Wife of DH is terrified of dogs, so she leaves the room. The patient must have seen the look of disgust on my face and called across the room, "He's just being friendly." ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? This wasn't a "hey let's meet the new people!" bark. And even if it was, your ill-trained dog should not be in what is essentially a hospital. Aaaagh. The problem isn't dogs, it's thoughtless, selfish owners.

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