Mama // My mom recently read Brain on Fire and Nothing to Envy: Ordinary Lives in North Korea. She likes those kinds of books. Read anything especially interesting lately?

BF // My boyfriend is obsessed with television/film. Last he was reading was that Difficult Men (I know, I know) book. Has an interest in production, composition, direction, etc. Any good books on the subject?

Moi // Where'd You Go Bernadette? is in my Amazon cart. I have no idea what it's about, I must have seen it randomly somewhere and it has good reviews. I don't do so well with books. I start a lot of them and they lose my attention, so I have a lot of half-finished books. But I could use some recommendations for any fiction that's not too heavy (I like either pure fluff or mysteries—Tana French style stuff) or non-fiction that blew your mind or....something.

Oh! And I love cookbooks so anything you could recommend in that area....I am going to buy myself Jerusalem. The cookbooks I've been most fond of are Susanne Goin's Sunday Suppers and The Zuni Cafe Cookbook.