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Hey booklovers of GT! I come asking for advice for I have nothing to read.

Actually that’s a lie. I started on The Power yesterday and honestly, after last week and all the #metoo’s, I just can’t stomach a book that starts out with women being sexually harassed.. Even if the result is that they end up with super powers and ruling the world. I just can’t with that right now. Burnout brain isn’t up for it (maybe that should be my new GT name, since it’s all I talk about), I want something light and easy. I come to you for help! The last books I read were :

A gentleman in Moscow = Loved it! The writing style, the grace, the small delights in a long life. Loved it.


The lies of Locke Lamora = Liked it very much! Might consider starting on the next book in the series but I wonder if there’s something else out there first..

Turtles all the way down = Didn’t think this’d be my kind of book but it absolutely was. Blazed through it in a week. I liked how it was only a small bit of 1 persons life. Simple to understand. Easy to feel and live along with.

We Have Always Lived in The Castle = ...liked it? I think? It was intriguing for sure but I also felt oppressed by the oppressive atmosphere in the book. *shiver* which means it’s an excellent book but I’m not sure it’s my cup of tea right now.

Other things I love = I think anything Neil Gaiman?, The Mistborn series, The Kingkiller chronicles. I tend to go for Fantasy style books but I think I might be craving something more real-world right now? Especially High Fantasy is too hard to get through for me at the moment. Not light enough reading.


Anyone have ány clue what I should buy next?

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