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Hey y’all I have managed to read and watch a few docs (Yay!) so I thought I’d share what I’ve been reading and watching and you might share back!

Okay, so - not finished yet - I am reading the following:

New Jack by Ted Conver - he is a journalist who went into training to become a Corrections Officer and after completing training ends up at Singsing. It basically answers the question of what life is like when you’re an employee on the inside. Covers some historical facts, training, and how prisons are run from a bureaucratic and realistic perspective. Almost finished and it is a great read. Very fair representation I think.


Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt by Chris Hedges - Touring America and giving select stories from certain cities/towns that are economically depressed and culturally brutalized. If you like Chris you’ll love this. Stories are well told, dignified and from the voice of the people themselves. If don’t like Chris...well...try it anyway? Worth the read if you are at all interested in community, people, and justice.

Dark Net by Jamie Barlett - Examines autonomy and privacy in the world of internet. He speaks with the programmers and academics on frontlines of a free and open internet. Examines the philosophies behind their actions and also explores sub-cultures like trolls etc. So far so good. A chapter covers bitcoins and I still don’t grasp it but I don’t grasp the concept of money anyway its so abstract and arbitrary.

Finished the following comics: Avenger Civil War, Archie #1 (Fiona Staples), Walking Dead #23, Hip Hop Family Tree box collection, We Stand on Guard (Brian K. Vaughn).

Docs-OMG my sister made me watch SIRIUS. Nope. Just nope. Unrelated conspiracy theories, meandering nonsense and it’s supposed to be about Aliens. To disconnected and rambling.


Haven’t watched Miss Simone yet, every time I try the baby starts wailing. C’mon Baby you’re going to love Nina Simone!

The Overnighters - about a preacher who helps the transient workers of a gas town in one of the Dakotas. He sets them up in his church and his home so that they have a place to stay. Runs into trouble with the community in relation to a questionable boarder and then there is a little twist in the end that you just don’t see coming. Very good.


Terms and Conditions May Apply - about the terms and conditions we agree to when using apps or social media sites. Frightening, riveting, and a must see.

Spies of Mississippi - about the planted spies during the civil rights movement. Good stuff.


Hot Girls Wanted - about young women going into the cam girl biz. Excellent doc despite that Jez write up. It gives a good picture of how (some) young women end up in the biz and where that path can lead.

The Institute - Yes! Great doc. It follows some sort of intrigue real life game that some people in California played because they saw posters and signs around town urging people to call a number.


By the way all docs can be found streaming on Netflix.

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