Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Books/author recs?

So... the piece in Jezebel yesterday about male writers taking ambiguous sounding names pissed me off to no end. This is my favorite genre!!!! I LIVE for fucked up, missing kid, long hidden messed up events, and a general mindfuck type feeling in books. That’s my jam. I’ve been straight up bamboozled, like my good ol doggo when we call him in promising chicken and all he gets is a treat. In fact I started reading Final Girls by Riley Sager and was debating ditching it cause it was... meh. Figures.

I loved the others two books by Gillian Flynn, not as much Gone Girl.

Loved Kimberly McCreight, Kathryn Croft, Megan Miranda, Shari Lapena... among others. I frequently browse amazon for suggested titles but that only gets me so far. So what say you? Any suggestions???


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