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It does not happen often but it happened today. I was in a thrift shop. I saw this book spine. Like 99 percent of thrift shops they display the books by their spines. I said “what the heck”? I picked it up and saw this.

I read the back. The back is listed as the description on goodreads.


Its jaw dropping to put it nicely. For an odd reason I thought a sexualized version (minus the sex) was written by Henry James in Turn Of The Screw

. If you never read it, its a truly fantastic mind bender of a novella or at least when I read it in high school in early 80s. Is that story still being taught? I did not have the teacher who used that story but students who had to read the book told everyone to read it. My teacher had us read Pere Goroit by a Balzac. It was dullsville.


At least it was in English.

So what books have you seen when shopping and you said “WTH” or did a double take on their existance?


I kind of regret not buying it for a dollar. I did buy this for a dollar. I want to read The Mask. Koontz is such a hit or miss writer.

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