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Books, glorious books!!

Indigo Books is having a sale!! ALSO I found a book app, so today is my day of book excitement. I hope it is yours, too. Also, I could use advice on how to not be a book hoarder, if you have any.

Item 1: Indigo (Chapters, whatever) had a sale for Boxing Week on the 50 top books of 2013. It was boring, for me at least - the kind of books that are super popular in that way don't tend to be the ones I like. However, this sale is way more exciting. 50% off 50 'picks' that are coming out in the next few months! Including:

Cress, the third book in the Lunar Chronicles trilogy. This series is a YA dystopian science fiction approach to classic fairy tales, and I absolutely love it. (It doesn't feel YA in the cheesy romance/gratification aspect, but it is technically YA because the language is accessible.) The first was Cinder about Cinderella, a cyborg (her 'glass slipper' is a metal foot that doesn't fit right because her stepmother won't buy her an adult foot!), the second is Scarlet and is about a version of Little Red Riding Hood, and Cress seems to be about a Rapunzel-type woman, based on the cover. They all live in the same universe, and the first two were about really strong women, and it's a fun series.


I have really been waiting for this book, so that was exciting. Other 50% off books I've ordered are: The Demonologist, The Enchanted, and Sea of Shadows: Age of Legends. These are basically just because the description seems neat and they are each less than $10, wow.

I'm also picking up Dangerous Women (37% off, not included in this sale because it's already out), an anthology of short stories about powerful (and dangerous!) women, written by some very popular and skilled fantasy writers, including George R.R. Martin and Diana Gabaldon.


The way the release dates work out, I will be getting two books in about a week, and then one book per month for February, March, and April! That is going to be so cool! I had to pay an extra $7 in shipping so they wouldn't hold it all until April 11th, but that's okay, because it still fit on my gift cards from Christmas.

Did anyone else take advantage of this sale (or the previous one)? Do you have books coming that you're excited about?


Item 2: In preparation for a major part of my January Cure, which is organizing/cleaning my bookshelf, I found a book cataloguing app for my phone. It scans barcodes, you guise. I have been scanning my books and it even includes the blurb on the back jacket, and the correct cover for that edition, etc. etc. So fun!

Item 3: Are there any other book lovers out there that've had some book-related excitement lately? Does anyone have emotional recommendations for being able to throw out (i.e. donate or take to a used book store) books that you know you'll never read again?


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