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Books I Bought And A Pet Peeve

We want out today and at a thrift shop I bought four books. One I thought was a trilogy is much longer. This is a series by Naomi Novik. No clue if she is good. Anyone read her books? I did read Peter Jackson has the rights for a movie.

The other books I got was a fantasy trilogy in one book by Elizabeth Moon. I read some of her space sf and thought the books good.I do not think this is part of her fantasy series she wrote for the Esther Friesner fantasy anthology seres. Has Moon written a novel based on this short story series, the stories are highlights in the books.


Pet peeve. Maybe because I am an oldster. We were in a group shop. A group shop is where people rent out space to put their things, often not cheap. Anyways here was this guy acustomer circa 30 drinking a diet coke from a can. Its one thing to have it in a cup with cover drinking from a straw although if you trip liquid can go flying. Or a bottle where you stand still take a sip then put cover back on. But drinking from a can? Nope. Personally I do not think one should bring in drinks into shops. But I can compromise short of cans.

Just an oldster pet peeve?

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